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Basic introduction and analysis of plywood pallets

Basic introduction and analysis of plywood pallets

With the advancement of society and the development of science, the quality of our lives is getting better and better, and more and more things are being touched. What exactly is the plywood tray? What is the role of the tray in our lives? The following small series will be introduced in detail in the future. The following is an introduction to "Basic introduction and role analysis of pallets".

What is a plywood tray

We all know that the production of the same thing, or the same product, its production methods are divided into many kinds, not only one, we need to use these methods together, in order to produce a good product, the tray is where One, then what is the production method of the tray?

The method of plywood tray consumption is generally divided into three types: wet heat method, dry cooling method and dry heat method.

Dry and wet means whether the veneer is a dry veneer or a wet veneer. Hot and cold refers to hot or cold pressing. The disadvantages of wet heat consumption are: high moisture content of the veneer, long hot pressing time and low consumption rate. After hot pressing, the dry treatment of the plywood should be stopped. Because it is a plate consumed by hydrothermal method, its internal stress is large, it is easy to warp and deform, and the bond strength is low. The disadvantage of the dry cooling process is that the plywood has a long pressurization time and a long consumption cycle. Proportional fit is suitable for small businesses.

Dry heat consumption: The veneer is peeled and dried to make the veneer moisture content between 8-12%, and is pressed into a plate in a hot press. The consumption characteristic of this method is: because of high temperature bonding, the time is short, the output is large, the bonding strength is high, and the quality of production is good. The surface of the board is smooth and not easily deformed. Suitable for all types of adhesive consumption. Because of this method, the defects of the damp heat method and the dry cooling method are restrained. Consumption is more sensitive, large, medium and small enterprises can consume, and the products consumed are more suitable for the market demand. Therefore, the plywood used by domestic and foreign enterprises is often consumed by dry heat.