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Advantages of plywood trays

Plywood Advantages of the tray

    This is a competitive society. In order to meet the different needs in the market, the merchants will make different plywood tray specifications for the user to select, then the user chooses What are the factors to consider, and what are the benefits of a standardized plywood tray? Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of plywood trays.

Standardized plywood trays are easy to use, simple to repair, easy to retract, and save on shipping costs. Standardized wood pallets are used instead of non-standard plywood trays. It saves a lot of money, so standard plywood pallets are also the choice of many companies.

Plywood Tray Advantages

(1) Plywood trays are small in weight It is easy to load and unload and transport, saving labor and cost.

(2) Use standardized plywood trays to reduce the counter-terrorism rate, which can be easily replaced with each other and offset by the other trays.

(3) It is easy to use standardized plywood for loading. It can be handled by bundling and tight-packing after being used. It can be mechanically operated to increase the efficiency of the container.

Most of the plywood trays have been heard. It is generally used in the packaging and transportation industry. As an environmentally friendly packaging and transportation material, it is praised by consumers.