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Understanding European Standard Tray

Learn European Standard Tray

    European Standard Tray Identification Method

In the field of wooden pallets, the European standard pallet is a relatively superior one. You know more or less about the European standard pallet. Xinliyuan packaging is a detailed information about the European standard pallet. I believe you can read it. After that, I will have a more comprehensive understanding of it.


Definition of European standard pallet:

The European standard pallet is a European standard pallet used in European wooden pallets (including Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Central Europe, etc., the way to fork is only four sides, the work is a bit complicated.

Specifications for European standard pallets:

1200*800 mm for continental Europe, Germany, France.

1200*1000 mm for UK, Germany, Netherlands, Finland.

Material of the European standard tray:

The wooden pallet is made of solid wood, mainly pine. The export should be fumigated, the IPPC logo added, and a fumigation certificate issued.

Features of European standard pallets:

1. ISO certification: European standard pallets are one of six pallets certified to ISO.

2, quality standard 800 * 1200 mm, four holes, European wooden flat tray.

3, European flat tray and European Y-box pallet repair quality standards;

4, elliptical EPAL mark on the left bearing block;

5, Elliptical eur mark on the right load bearing block;

6. European standard tray fumigation is based on the two load-bearing blocks on the IPPC mark level of the ISPM 15 stamp.

7. There are different marks on the nail head of the tray. After maintenance according to the standard, the repairman also needs to nail a different mark on the nail head. According to the mark, you can see the origin and license number of the pallet and nail.

8. Carrying capacity:

The European standard pallet is designed according to the following stacking code or using a forklift. 1000 kg of ordinary cargo is placed irregularly on the pallet. Put 1500 kg of ordinary goods flat on the entire tray. A small, regular cargo of 2000 kg is placed on the entire pallet. When the pallet is placed flat on a hard horizontal surface and the cargo is evenly placed on the entire pallet surface, multiple pallets are stacked on each other and the bottom pallet must be able to withstand an additional load of 4000 kg (6000 kg).