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The development status and value of Shandong wooden pallet

The development status and value of Shandong wooden pallet

Shandong wooden pallets have become an integral part of the logistics industry. In the future, wooden pallets will still dominate the logistics industry. However, it is undeniable that the advantages of plastic pallets cannot be better utilized due to the backwardness of use. It is understood that the pallet itself is a single logistics equipment, born in cooperation with logistics. It can be said that the pallet is the connection point of all links in the modern logistics system. However, in the actual use of plastic pallets, the specifications are not uniform, resulting in the pallets not being able to circulate in the logistics operation chain, limited to the inside of the enterprise.

Wooden pallets are generally used for warehouse turnover and are fixed; wooden pallets are also suitable for pallets (tray: palletized goods on pallets are used for palletized goods on palletized goods). Single-sided pallets are economical and durable, and are also a good choice for warehouse turnover; single-sided pallets are generally kava-shaped, shaped, formed, and trays are easy to export;

Shandong wooden pallet is beautiful, with high pressure resistance and high load-bearing performance; it can better reduce the shortcomings of traditional wooden pallets, good waterproof performance, simple production process and low cost; it is more suitable for use than wooden pallets. Depending on the sales category and product category, planned and customized products in the same product should be stored in the profit management section.

Wooden pallets are a relatively basic logistics tool. Some people call them "mobile platform" and "mobile ground." It is a carrier for transporting static cargo into dynamic cargo and is a tool available for handling, storage, storage and transportation. Cooperating with the forklift can greatly increase the loading and unloading efficiency; palletizing the goods with the pallet can greatly increase the utilization of the warehouse; the same as the pallet transportation, the pallet utilization can be greatly reduced. Low into comparison. The use of wooden pallets originated in the field of loading and unloading. Now, pallet unit packaging, pallet unit storage, pallet unit handling, and pallet unit transportation are everywhere, and are quickly spread from the logistics industry to various industries. Small Shandong wooden pallets have great strength and small wooden pallets have a large market.