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Export wooden box export requirements

  Export wooden crates Export Requirements

Customized wooden packaging boxes need to be customized according to their own requirements. Export export packaging boxes need to meet relevant requirements before they can be exported:

1. The structure of the export packaging box should be fixed, safe, scientific and reasonable, and realize multiple loading and unloading of equipment and railway transportation. Safety of shipping, etc.

2. Export wooden packaging materials should meet export requirements.

3. The export wooden box packaging should be compact, minimizing the number of wooden boxes. The same device needs to be placed in the same box.

4. The size and weight of the export package should not exceed the requirements of the transportation regulations as much as possible. If it is exceeded, it should be explained to the transportation unit in advance.

5. Some of the parts in the export wooden crates should be covered or packaged to prevent damage during transport.

6. The export packaging box should take measures such as moisture-proof and rust-proof when loading containers, and it is necessary to meet the requirements of shipping.

7. The top of the exported wooden crates should be flat-topped and should have a certain stacking capacity

8. There should be some on the export crates. Signs, such as rain, forklift, center of gravity, hanging and other signs.

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