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Shandong wooden pallets, these characteristics you need to understand

Shandong wooden pallets, these characteristics you need to understand

The role of Shandong wooden pallets in transportation is more important. The logistics industry has evolved into a different transportation product, but the popular one is the wooden pallet. So why is the state of the wooden pallet not moving during transportation? Does it have a better function in transportation?

1. Transport loading is convenient

The weight of Shandong wooden pallets is easy to load and unload during transportation, which reduces the excessive weight of the goods, reduces the consumption and saves labor; the wooden pallets are more convenient to store and store, and the space utilization rate is high. .

2. Easy to carry

When it is necessary to transport the goods, the wooden pallets can be transported directly with the goods without the need to unload and reload as in the case of conventional one-piece transport, which facilitates the handling of the goods. goods.

3. Achieve standardized use

Shandong wooden pallets can load goods of different sizes and specifications on wooden pallets of standard specifications, so that the goods can be transported in a standardized manner and with different operations, which greatly increases the efficiency of logistics transportation and facilitates automatic processing of machinery.

4. Strong protection ability

When the goods are packed on wooden pallets, they are combined with the wooden pallets during transportation, which does not require complicated cargo reloading process, and also better reduces the impact of the cargo during loading, unloading, mixing and even loss. This phenomenon is more important in the case of frequent transportation operations and high cargo turnover.

5. No packaging cost

The goods on the Shandong wooden pallet do not need complicated packaging, convenient transportation, simple packaging, low packaging cost, and increased cost and profit.

6. Suitable for multiple areas

After export processing, wooden pallets that meet export standards are suitable for many areas. They can also be better adapted to the stacking of docks and warehouses without modification, which greatly increases work efficiency.