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The role of building blocks in construction engineering
- 2019-07-16 -

The role of building blocks in construction engineering

Building square wood< trong=""> is the material basis of construction engineering. Whether it is the Shanghai Jinmao Building with a height of 420.5m or an ordinary temporary building, it is constructed from different scattered building timbers through careful design and complicated construction. The materiality of construction timber is also reflected in the relatively large quantity of its use. A single building generally weighs several hundred to several thousand tons, perhaps tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of tons, which forms the production of building materials. Transportation, use and other aspects are different from other types of materials.

The development of building blocks gives the building The characteristics and style of the era. The stone corridors in western classical architecture, the palace buildings represented by wood structures in ancient China, and the super high-rise buildings with steel concrete and section steel as the main materials all show a distinct sense of the times.

The continuous advancement of architectural design theory and the innovation of construction technology are not only constrained by the development of building materials, but also driven by its development. The emergence of large-span prestressed structures, thin-shell structures, suspension structures, space grid structures, and energy-saving features of environmentally friendly buildings is undoubtedly closely related to the emergence of new materials.

The correct, economical and rational use of building blocks directly affects the cost and investment of construction projects.

In China, the cost of materials for general construction projects accounts for 50-60% of the total investment. The proportion of different projects has to increase, and the understanding and understanding of the characteristics of building materials is relatively large. It is undoubtedly of great significance to exert its effectiveness to the limits and achieve greater economic benefits.



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